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BB FlashBack Pro 5.13

Record all activity on a computer desktop
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Create a recording of your screen with all the windows, menus, and launched programs captured. Save the resulting video file in a common media format to access it offline. Configure hotkeys to initiate, pause, and stop the recording, select to capture or mute audio.

BB FlashBack Pro is a program that will let you record every action on your computer screen.
It is possible to record the sound coming from a microphone or an auxiliary entry, or the input from a webcam.

You can choose to record the full screen or just a window or range. You can specify up to two sources for the sound that the program will record. This way, for example, you can record a video tutorial about the use of a program, with your voice and the sound that the program generates.

Optionally, if you have a web camera attached to your PC, BB Flashback Pro can record its input too. Once you launch the recording, the program will put a control window, that you can minimize if you want. Then, by pressing the "Record" button, it will began to save the input. Once you stop the recording, the program will save the video in its proprietary .FBX format, and then will offer you to export the video to Flash, AVI and other formats, or open the recorded file with the included player.

The demo version of this program can be used for free for thirty days. It will place a watermark on every video recorded.

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